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Hold Me Down lyrics - Da Band

Yeah, Brooklyn New York, stay focused
Its ya girl, Babs Bunny, the streets first lady
Diddy I see you baby

Yall niggas done met ya match
I'm somthin like a pimp you bust i bust back
I game dudes got 'em callin me wifey
My stomach stay flat babys mothas dont like me
Chicks is heated then I give my ice see
Im the knockout queen yall hos dont wanna fight me
Sexy brown skin complexion
Cuz shits in my purse its a deadly weapon yeah
I dont pay for nothin at all i even get free dutches at the corner store
Shot caller dudes stop as soon as i see
Babs bunny the black jet queen of the week huh
Im fire just what the thugs desire
Got a high pitched flow MC Mariah
When i walk down the streets niggas squeak their tires
Got every club for more we passin street flyers
I been there VIP its a short night
With a bottle of haze my weave is so tight
Im ready for some action hands in the air
Crystal over here in the club no beer
Struttin bad girl i do it for nothin
Tight dickies shirt with a pop top button
Babs repeat it im somethin that the rap game needed
Thorough bread plus i stay weeded

Im in and out the magazines back to the tv shows
Attendin business meetings with the 40s and my 34s
Every days an episode all because im episode
Just like rats they wanna know where my cheddar flows
Everydays like valentine hah i keep it rollin
Never made a dime for rhyme yeah
I make the people no my people dont beleive it though
Someone has been leavin no words sayin cold you stack on no you serpico
Cuz you headin through the line makin and carryin their flow
So it must be those freaky po pos i hope
They better pray they dont run no chrome or your momma gonna be singin that song

What you say Freddy P ya heard me
Its all chopper city ya heard me
Your little brother ya heard me
I representin the band ya dig to the death
New Orleans Third Wall Magnolia
Let me catch a nigga bootin up ima be like whats hap nigga
I crush balls and it a mothafuckin fact nigga
You know what type of shit im on i let the mack hit ya
You cant box my squad our left jabs quicka
Then any bitch nigga that tries to come against us
All my sistas i promise to make it part of my agenda to get ya
You know what im sayin we see them ninjas
Hoppin off of they cottage and choppin you down like timber
You can try to stop me i will end ya
Shit my killer instincts like cinder
Im a bad boy you better make it
Make it out fifty
Chopper city by position i can paint you a picture

Hey yo Choppa I dig you like a fuckin shovel man
You see its ness the enforcer from the band man
We the hottest thing since microwave popcorn dog
This is real its about to go down like this hey yo
Puffin on sour deezys you know it aint legal when i never been to iraq but packin desert
eagles on me
Call me a liar but the fires back
Bad boy empire is where the fires at
I got the sean john truck with the tires to match
The whole hood on fire the wires tapped
Ok this part of the deal
Bounty huntas all on my heals
Lookin for me huh so were in devilles
I take the planes trains automobiles boats
Overseas passport to brazil
Survival with the fittest nigga i talk it i live it
Gotta talk before you walk any nigga can get it

We Da Band!!!
For the family ya know
Elliot Ness Me ah Hold it down till death
Before the annaducks what me tell ya
Dylan Dyllanger!
Guerrilla family, West Indian hype
Me ah say somethin like dis
Come look

Yo me, me nah born rich, me was poor n needy
But SEE, man ah die now me nah bloodclot beegie
See ME, shot ya high up
You nah see me see see
Little more me a'go wire up with set CCC
She check all of me guns n rocs
Thieft it thieft
Of all me points legalize cause we need it
Treat the people like "come out" "yes sir"
Rule the people with me guns
Like moses rule with him rod
We not the warriors with Ouigi
Me men right chest hard and
We love the almighty
Me nah burn out me truck see
Peal back the back seat
Shot every area of fools who nah like me (WAH!)
Dem losers got a new night see
My glock come out when its time f' be black sheep
Ask them, if you cant see Da Band is me famly
If you disrespect
Dem will find ya body

Cheers To Me Mr. Bentley lyrics - Da Band (feat. Madd Rapper)

[Mr. Bently + (Madd Rapper)]
And good evening (Yeah, good evening!)
It is I, Mr. Hospitality (yeah, we here baby!)
Aka Mr. Hardwork (aka Mr. Hardwork)
Aka Mr. Central Pay Icon (I don't know about all that)
Aka America's Perfect Gentleman, the talented Mr. Bentley (Bentley!)
Cheers to me, the honorary seventh member of the band (Alright, hey hey hey)
And we're here to talk to you all about hard work (Hard Work!)
A lot of people want to be a part of the music business, (yeah I know I need some cash!)
But we're here to tell you it takes a lot of hard work (yeah yeah, you gotta work hard)
The first thing you have to do is get yourself a mentor, (Uh-huh, uh-huh!)
Hope he has more hustle than Russell and Lyor (Russell or Lyor, Hey!)
Just so happens mine has four-hundred million more (More!)
You've seen the boy dance, there's more in store (More in store!)
Never seen a record label platinum plaques this consistent (Consistent!)
You know the president, now meet his assistant (Now meet his assistant!)
Switch titles, just as persistent
You got a demo, but my number ain't listed (It ain't listed, you can't find me)
You better catch me when you see me in the streets, folks (Streets, folks)
You know me when you see me, see me with my Tie-Bow
Bow-Tie, and don't touch it, I ain't lying folks
Oh, there goes Bentley going to Maybach for a transport
Oh, there goes Bentley, he ain't driving, he's in the back folks
(Yo where my glasses nigga, I told you he bought thirty spokes!)
We gonna show you how to do this son!
Chopper City, and Freddy Pee
You know I'm shouting out to VP HP,
Dylan the Dillenger (Stevie J and Dot track!)
E. Ness, Babs, and don't sample Dofat!
Miss Stokes sing a line chairman Diddy co-signed!
Yo, we gonna show you how to do this son!
(Yo, we gonna show you how to do this son! Word!)

[Random shout-outs]

They Know lyrics - Da Band (feat. Chopper)

[Fred] Yeah. This beat here was created in the Hamptons
[Chop] Uughhh!
[Fred] And dropped in Manhattan
[Background:] Hey-o, Hey-o
[Chop] Bad Boy's the label
[Fred] Time Shock
[Chop] Dofat's the man
[Fred] Wit Chopper from Miami to New Orleans
[Chop] Chopper City's the nigga (whoo!)
[Fred] Freddy P
[Chop] Who want war wit em'?
(Uh-huh, Uh-huh)
[Chop] Take a fall wit em'
(Uh-huh, Uh-huh)
Back against the wall wit em
(Uh-huh, Uh-huh)
[Fred] Chopper City let 'em know!

I believe in gettin rich or die tryin
Niggaz is (?) and I'm a warrior like ninja stroll
It ain't nothin, I can show you how to pimp a ho
And if you want it, you can get it nigga - friend of foe
I keeps the mac milli low
Itchy for nothin to crack so I can snap like "what chu grillin fo'?"
Shit, I keeps it gutter man, you know how I do's it
I strike a kite that's my definition of stickin and movin
What you know about shoot outs for half an hour?
If you don't, you niggaz is jive and act as cowards
You bouta witness City reach till' it's massive power
Boss man. I can get you niggaz wacked in showers
I'm well known for what I do, but fiends call me Captain Powder
If you want it you can call on Chopper
[Whispers] Choppa! Fetti is somethin that ya boy desire
I keep the metal thing-a-mijiggy the color is copper

[Chorus: Chopper w/ Fred in the background]
I keeps it gangsta - you can ask my niggaz cause they know (They know)
[Fred] Yeah
I'ma hustler that bout them pesos (pesos)
[Fred] C'mon
If you wit me then let them keys blow (keys blow)
[Fred] Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid
Throw 'em up and let ya nuts hang low now..
I keeps it gangsta - you can ask my niggaz cause they know (They know)
[Fred] Holla
I'ma hustler that bout them pesos (pesos)
[Fred] Holla
If you wit me then let them keys blow (keys blow)
[Fred] Holla
Throw 'em up and let ya nuts hang low Now..

I love the haters cause I feed of they energy
I'm in the same business as the muthafucker on the roof who shot Kennedy
Waitin for sinners and
They see the glory and pain
You know the story bout the boy with a name
He did things like kill people and stole Kane
The hood got three lanes, Life, Death, or entertain
Now sellin's the life. In that box is the D-word
In that house by the lake wit the yacht is the Keyword
Fuck it, if he work and she work Da Band
We work on P.D.'s nerves
Man we probly gon clash when he hear these words
But fuck it, I love that nigga, he the reason we hurr
If it wasn't for him, I'd be livin to see dirt
Now lil F.P. and me, we see curves
Bend 'em - fuck it the windows is tinted, so we splurge
Wit niggaz that treat me like Jerry and do Steve's work


All I do is chill and blind hoe wit a sparkling grill
Stroke, smoke, grind and count dough by the mill's
That's real. I ride the wheels till' they fall off
Sittin still wit a sawed-off ready to blow a arm off
Oh, Lord! You don't want no problems wit dude
I'm out that Band, so you now the boy-band news
I bruise ya crew then ride out then head to the hideout
I stay wit them nines out to clear the whole block out [Gunshot]

Now they say "Fred you need to chill"
I been a BadBoy way before Martin of Will
I'm somewhere parked on a hill on the southside of Germany
That's what the game has earned me supportin my skills
And them girls like "Freddy, you need to stop"
How I came through like Griffin and made Cleveland hot
How they get up on the floor and make it "Breathe and Stop"
like Q-Tip - get in her ear and I bet she get in my drop


[Chop] We them southside riders
[Fred] C'mon, C'mon, Look out
[Chop] Huh? Now what cha say Freddy Peezay
[Chop] We them southside riders
[Fred] C'mon, C'mon, Look out
[Chop] Huh?
[Fred] C'mon, C'mon, Look out
[Chop] Huh?
[Fred] C'mon, C'mon, Look out
[Chop] Huh?
[Fred] Get down! Get down, c'mon

I like that shit! Yeah, Boi!
I'm tellin you whoa, I'm tellin- aight, I ain't gon talk

Go Steady lyrics - Da Band

When I'm with you, you make me feel so sexy, ooh
Made up my mind, I agree that we are ready
(I'm so ready) On a steady pace for love
Ready'and I'm ready'for love
So do you boy'do you want a taste'

What I see when I look at you
A rugged dude, but a gentleman too
With your hat tilted to the side
I get a chill from those pretty brown eyes
Rippled chest and how you dress
I'm so impressed, can't get you off my mind
I'm so excited, can't wait to be with you tonight

So can we hook up around 8 so
Try not to be late boy (It's on)
I got so much in store for you
Tell ya boys bye, it's about time
Gonna make it hotter than July
And make it worth your wait and I
I like it when you say, 'Don't be shy'

When I'm with you, you make me feel so sexy, ooh
Made up my mind, I agree that we are ready
(Ready for love) On a steady pace for love

Dim the lights, I turn my two-way off and close the door
I'm in the mood for more
Bring it here, I wanna take you there
Ooh boy I swear no one compares
(To this love) Love makin', breath takin', body shakin, no fakin'
You're really somethin', can't wait to be with you again

So can we hook up around 8 so
Try not to be late boy (It's on)
I got so much in store for you
Tell ya boys bye, it's about time
Gonna make it hotter than July
And make it worth your wait and I
I like it when you say, 'Don't be shy'

When I'm with you, you make me feel so sexy, ooh
Made up my mind, I agree that we are ready
(For love) On a steady pace for love

No more waiting, contemplating
'Cuz I know it's love
I'm so anxious to start makin'
Goin' steady now
Go 'head boy, tear it up

[Ness Rap]
Look playa'I admit it was a game I played
But now I see things different, girl you changed my ways
You never know you got good fate''till it's gone
Now you feel you bein' hoodwinked'now it's on
Listen'you never told me you ain't want me to grissle 'cuz I
Kept you hot and now it's somethin' official
You kept a pistol in ya pocket but the government issue
Look I'seen too much to tell you I miss you
Or tell you I love you, all day kissin' and huggin'
Listen'bottom line if I ain't wit you I'm fuckin' I never
Fucked wit ya sister, never fucked wit ya cousin, no fussin' and fightin'
Tonight, we under the covers tusslin'
Paradise where the water is blue and grab a snack 'round a quarter to 2
Me and boo hoo'and I ain't gotta give you Extacy
For you to wanna have sex wit me, that's my specialty

When I'm with you, you make me feel so sexy, ooh
Made up my mind, I agree that we are ready
On a steady pace for love

Holla (Outro) lyrics - Da Band

[Freddie P:] Big Shout out to little Fp
[Babs:] Bently
[Dylan:] Mr. Becklty
[F:] HP, Whole Bad boys Staff, Diddy himself
[B:] Dophat
[F:] Tracy
[Sara:] don't even ask
[D:] the namous
[B:] phil, ally
[City:] john press nigger
[B:] we Da Band baby,
Bad boy newest generoution baby.
Don't get it twiste this is not a game.
My boy freddie p, my gurl Sara Stokes,
Elliot Ness, Babs bunny sara (heyya) choppa city,
Dyan the jilinger, yall stay focus, this is not a game,
Brooklyn stand the fuck up, MIA stand up, new orlens,
long island, West indies, Michigan,
philly, holla at your gurl.